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most realistic 

Start with a lemonade stand, level up to a kiosk, food truck, and full business then build a regional franchise from the ground up. Enhanced with microlearning Ideal for players of all ages and levels.

The most realistic small business startup and operations simulation in the world.  


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most customizable

Management-level strategy simulation ideal for marketing, finance, accounting, MBA, and corporate training. Individual, team, and head-to-head competition options. 
The most customizable and versatile business simulation in the world.

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most authentic

Build a global business empire by collaborating and competing with other virtual entrepreneurs around the world. 

The most authentic business simulation in the world for gaining real-world business and employment skills.

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TEACH less while your students LEARN more

Which simulation is best for you?


Choose based on the profile of your students and the type of experience you want to provide them.  Choose multiple simulations for the fullest learning experience — bundle discounts are available.

Special Considerations


ENTREPRENEUR and CEO have a cost to play while WORLD is free to play with an optional GROUPS assessment feature which has a cost. See prices at


ENTREPRENEUR and CEO can be played in hours, days, or weeks.  WORLD requires a minimum of 3 to 5 weeks (casual play) and is even better when played for many months.

Team Play

CEO offers individual and team play. WORLD and ENTREPRENEUR have students run businesses individually. WORLD can be used for team play by having students on the same team set up supply chains.

Privacy & Control

ENTREPRENEUR and CEO are closed by class or group.  WORLD is open to anyone in the world, students and non-students, and all players intermingle.


Supplemental Materials

CEO and ENTREPRENEUR include extensive supplemental learning materials.  CEO also includes a Competency Quiz personalized for each student and Team Evaluation for peer assessment.​   

No Internet

If Internet access is an issue, ENTREPRENEUR is also available as an offline option.  WORLD and CEO require Internet.

Online or In-Class Students

All simulations work well.


WORLD and ENTREPRENEUR provide the closest experience to a business internship — find out more about internships

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