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Upgrade to GoVenture Entrepreneur

STEP 1: Download the Software  

Click the DOWNLOAD LINK and choose SAVE to download the program to your computer.


STEP 2: Unzip the Software  


The file that is downloaded to your computer is a ZIP (Windows) or DMG (Mac) archive. This means the file is compressed and cannot be played in this format. Do not try to play or install the program yet. You must first EXTRACT the archive. 

Windows ZIP:
RIGHT CLICK the ZIP file and choose to EXTRACT ALL FILES.  This will create a new GOVENTURE FOLDER on your computer. Delete the ZIP file so that it does not cause confusion with the extracted folder.

Mac DMG:

DOUBLE-CLICK the DMG file.  This will create a new GOVENTURE FOLDER that you must drag to your desktop or other location. Delete the DMG file so that it does not cause confusion with the extracted folder.  

STEP 3:  Install the Software

  1. You may now choose to copy or move the GOVENTURE FOLDER to a network drive, computer hard drive, or USB drive.  There is no silent install option. COPY the appropriate GoVenture folder to wherever you want the program to be installed. 

    If you are installing to a shared network drive, all of the GoVenture folders and files must have the READ ONLY property set ON.  To check this, RIGHT-CLICK the top-level GoVenture folder then click PROPERTIES and look at the ATTRIBUTES section.


  2. The GOVENTURE FOLDER contains two sub-folders:  

    • The INSTRUCTOR RESOURCES folder has materials for instructors. This folder should be made available to teachers and facilitators only (not students). Click PLAY to launch the INSTRUCTOR MENU.  Also inform your instructors about our Free Resources described further below on this page.

    • The SIMULATION folder has the GoVenture simulation for STUDENTS and INSTRUCTORS. Make this folder available to your users by copying it to a shared network drive or individual computer hard drives. Create a shortcut to the PLAY file to make it easier for your users to launch the program. 

  3. Special directions:

    (a) The first time PLAY is run, you will be prompted to enter your SUBSCRIPTION KEY.  This will activate your subscription. 

    (b) GoVenture programs that are installed on local computers or network do NOT use student accounts. Students do not have usernames and passwords. Students just click to play. With most GoVenture programs, students can SAVE their progress to a local save file -- this allows them to quit and resume playing at a later time. Students manage their own SAVE files.

Done!  If you need help, contact us.


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