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Download the DESKTOP version of Dr. Billings to securely transfer and print patient records with a Windows or Macintosh computer.

Download Dr. Billings for Windows
Download Dr. Billings for Mac OS X

Free Mobile App

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Dr. Billings

Dr. Billings is designed to help physicians and healthcare workers document patient interactions quickly and easily.

It also makes it easy and secure to transfer patient records to secretaries and assistants for billing purposes. No more paper notes or complicated software. Dr. Billings is elegantly designed to be simple and intuitive to use.


Feature Summary 
  • Enter patient name or other identifier.

  • Automatically record the date and time of the interaction and the amount of time spent with patient.

  • Add diagnostic and procedural codes that apply to the patient (including date and time).

  • Enter text notes.

  • Record voice notes.

  • Take pictures of the patient or the patient's chart (to minimize data entry).

  • Flag or group patient records.

  • View a list of patients, hide and delete records.

  • Print patient records with the Dr. Billings Desktop App.

  • NO advertising and NO personal information is ever transmitted.

Feature Details


​Dr. Billings keeps your data secure because it does not transmit any information over networks or the Internet. To print information from Dr. Billings, you must have the Dr. Billings desktop version installed on your computer. See sidebar to download.


Doctors and healthcare workers will often use the Dr. Billings mobile app on their iPhone or iPad to record patient interactions and then transfer the patient records to a secretary or assistant who has a computer with iTunes and the Dr. Billings Desktop app. The patient records can then be viewed or printed for filing or billing purposes.


The FREE version of Dr. Billings provides all features fully-enabled but only allows a maximum of 10 patient records to be active at any one time (you can delete records and create new ones). Take advantage of the special introductory price and upgrade to the full version for unlimited patient records.

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