Entrepreneur coming soon

We cannot show you the new ENTREPRENEUR yet, but see below about viewing the current SMALL BUSINESS simulation.

Start with a lemonade stand, level up to a mobile cart, food truck, and full business then build a regional franchise from the ground up. 

The original and most realistic and comprehensive small business simulation is going to be even bigger and better. Suitable for all ages and levels of learning.

Level Up!

Players will be guided through the experience based on their individual capabilities to maximize learning and assessment. Players who need a basic experience can focus on the lemonade stand and the mobile cart and food truck businesses. Advanced players can progress to run a full business and establish a regional franchise.


Modern User Interface

Players can navigate an immersive 3D city to select business locations and watch customer activity and feedback in real time. The interface begins with basic options and increases in depth as the player progresses to higher levels.


Instructor Controls and Resources

Instructors will have fine control over player progress and assessment using an instructor website (online version). Comprehensive resources include Instructor Guide, Curriculum Plan, Assessment Strategies, Glossary, Learning and Activity Book (200-page PDF), over 50 Printable Activities, Test Bank, Videos, and more.

We cannot yet show you the new ENTREPRENEUR, but please watch these videos of the current (but soon to be replaced) SMALL BUSINESS simulation to get a sense of the depth of business management experience that will be offered by the new and improved ENTREPRENEUR version.


Demo Video 2min    |    Tutorial Video    |    More Details of Small Business      

GoVenture Entrepreneur will be available late July 2020 and it will combine and replace all of these GoVenture business simulations: Lemonade Stand, Micro Business, Food Truck, Accounting, and Small Business. Free upgrades to an equivalent version will be provided to all customers who purchased any of these other programs within one year earlier. 

If you need GoVenture right now, we will immediately provide you one of our existing business simulations and then upgrade you when ready.


GoVenture Entrepreneur will be available in two versions:  BASIC and ADVANCED. The BASIC version will have a lower price but will not progress past the mobile cart and food truck businesses.

GoVenture Entrepreneur will be available as an Online Subscription and Perpetual License and included in the GoVenture SUITE. The Online version will work in the cloud on computers, Chromebooks, and tablets (but the interface will be too small for smartphones). The Perpetual and SUITE versions must be installed and run on Windows and Macintosh computers or school network.