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GoVenture Entrepreneur is a fun and intense real-time business strategy game.

Elegantly designed to be easy to play but challenging to win. For youth and adults. One to four players.

Build a global business empire of factories and stores. Beat competitors to the best countries. Stay sharp to compete with other players for customers. Take the easy money now or hold out for a bigger sale. Issue a big discount to lure customers away from competitors. Watch out for the bad economy. Take over competitor territory. Manage cash flow and be the first to make $1 billion to win.

Fun to play on your own, but the game gets really intense when playing against others on the same device.

  • Play on iPhone and iPad
  • Large and small modified world maps
  • Play on your own or against friends on the same device for intense gameplay (1 and 2 players on iPhone, 1 to 4 players on iPad).
  • Real-time play, not turn based
  • Easy to start and easy to play
  • Deep strategy that is revealed as you gain more experience
  • In-game tutorial and demo video
  • Customizable gameplay settings (paid version)
  • No advertising. Free version is fully playable with additional options available for purchase.
  • Chinese and Japanese versions of this app are also available separately (but may have fewer features).
  • NO advertising and NO personal information is ever transmitted.

Have fun while learning about entrepreneurship, business, cash flow, risk, planning, supply and demand, competition, and more. Expertly designed by MediaSpark: We create experiential, social, and gamified learning!

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