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Gain personal finance skills with this fun and educational game for two or more players.

​Activities include question-and-answer, drawing, charades, trivia, word puzzles, and more!

Players choose their tokens and place them on the game board. Players take turns reading Q&A or Interactive cards. Correct answers move ahead one space. Incorrect answers move back. The first player to reach the Winner space wins.


  • Includes basic and advanced topics for ages 12 to adult.
  • Free version includes 30 cards and the full version adds over 100 more.
  • Topics include banking, investing, insurance, liabilities, assets, economics, finance, credit, math, acronyms, consumer protection, and more. 
  • NO advertising and NO personal information is ever transmitted.

Expertly designed by MediaSpark: We create experiential, social, and gamified learning!

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