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Gamify your life with GAMIFYme!

Perfect for when you have something to do and need that extra motivation to get it done. Gamify tasks, sales calls, chores, studying, exercise, diet, quit smoking, and more. Record your results and earn points over days, weeks, and months. Monitor your progress with a visual pyramid of colors. Reach your goal to complete the pyramid. GAMIFYme is NOT a to do list. You do not need to create or type lists of items. Just enter your objective and go!

​Here is how it works:​

  1. Create an ACTIVITY. Examples include "Make 90 sales calls this week", "Study 10 topics right now", "Complete 5 tasks today", "Exercise 15 times this month", "Count my calories this week", or anything else you can think of.
  2. As you complete an item on your list, record the results by touching a button. For a sales call, the result might be "voicemail" or "warm response". For a chore, the result might be "fully completed", "partially completed", or "not completed". The results are already built in so you do not need to create any lists. An optional countdown timer keeps you on top of deadlines.
  3. Your results are recorded in color on a pyramid. One glance at the pyramid reveals your progress and success, motivating you to continue. Reach your goal to complete the pyramid. GAMIFYme also motivates you with inspirational quotes and mood music.


  • Create an unlimited number of ACTIVITIES (paid version)
  • Create ANY type of activity for work, home, kids, or life.
  • Compare the results of all your ACTIVITIES
  • Built-in scoring system and countdown timer
  • Mood music and inspirational quotes
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Social share your results
  • NO advertising and NO personal information is ever transmitted.
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