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Mathew Georghiou

Hey, I'm Mathew and I make things as a CEO, entrepreneur, engineer, inventor, designer, and writer. My work has reached millions of people around the world. Check out my creations below.

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Start or Level Up Your Career In Business

1-Hour Entrepreneur, Free Guides, and More In Our Online Community
An amazing bundle of
free resources and and online community to help you start or level up your career in business or start your own business
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Digital Marketing Superhero Course— Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and sales funnels in this super-fast and effective online course. Simulation and video-based training that you can complete in a few hours at any time. Learn more

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Video and Game-Based Courses in accounting, business, personal finance and more, including businessXP — the first and only fully game-based alternative to business school. Learn more


FFmpeg Tutorial & Course 
Learn how to batch modify thousands of videos quickly and easily with FFmpeg. Save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars! 
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Teaching Superhero ::

Simulation & Game-Based Learning
Newsletter & Community for Educators & Trainers

Expert ideas on how instructors and students can transform learning with educational games and simulations — View past issues on LinkedIn— or subscribe here to receive new issues by email. Join our private group for educators and trainers to share ideas, resources, and discussions on experiential learning, games, and simulations. 

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My Inventions


For Educators

Discover a better way to teach and learn with GoVenture — one of the original and most widely used series of educational games and simulations in the world.
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For Students

Video and game-based courses in accounting, business, personal finance and more, including businessXP — the first and only fully game-based alternative to business school.
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Tabletop Games

Board games and card games for all ages.
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Local News

Community websites that unlock social capital.
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Signage & Art

We transform your logo, message, or design into a premium metal sign or work of art.
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The ultimate track building system for Hot Wheels

Entrepreneurship Education & Training


My team and I have created the most innovative and comprehensive collection of entrepreneurship resources in the world. We reimagined how entrepreneurship education and business and employment skills can be delivered, measured, assessed, and credentialed. 

Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights


  • Registered trademarks include MediaSpark, GoVenture, businessXP, lokol, KnowledgeWeaver, TrackJack, and more.

  • Hold copyrights to books, games, software, and more.


My Books

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Digital Marketing

A powerfully clear and concise guide to the basics of digital marketing
Printed Book on
Printed Book on A
Digital Marketing Cours
e & Ebook

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Budding Entrepreneur

A storybook to help children discover entrepreneurship (free PDF)
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Articles & Videos

Videos and written articles on business, career, educational games and simulations, and more.

Comparison of Web App, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented & Mixed Reality (AR) for Creating Learning Experiences — View document

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Simulation & Game-Based Learning Newsletter
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Quora — I've answered over 1,500 questions as a Top Writer 
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Authority Magazine

Makers of The Metaverse: Mathew Georghiou of MediaSpark On The Future Of The VR, AR & Mixed Reality Industries — View article

The 5 Things They Forgot to Mention In College
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NoDegree | Podcast

NoDegree is an online career resource solution for people without college degrees seeking great jobs. Episode 169 we discuss businessXP — a fun and affordable alternative to business school
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Professor Game | Podcast

Rob Alvarez Bucholska chats with gamification gurus, experts and practitioners about education
Learn more

Trench Leadership | Podcast

Big Leadership Starts with Baby Steps featuring Mathew Georghiou.
A Podcast From the Front hosted by Simon Kardynal, CD, MA.

Learn more

CFO Bookshelf | Podcast

What is the Online Game Millions are Playing to Learn Business? If learning business through a realistic business simulation, you’ll want to find out why GoVenture games trump MBA case studies.
Learn more

The EntreProfessor | Video Podcast

Host John Wilson is an entrepreneur and a professor of entrepreneurship whose mission is to help 'accidental entrepreneurs' launch, grow, and thrive. In this episode, we discuss gaining entrepreneurship skills by playing simulation games. 
Learn more

TrueLife | Video Podcast

In this episode, we have a wide-ranging discussion on learning, education, and life.
Learn more

Level Up Your Wealth | Podcast

A podcast that teaches financial literacy from a gamer's perspective. In this episode, we play the GoVenture Entrepreneur business simulation.
Learn more

Education On Fire | Podcast

A podcast to inspire you as a teacher, parent, or mentor. Discover the best child-centred learning experiences from around the world.
Learn more

Mental Money | Podcast

Helping listeners win in their personal finances. Episode focus— Gaining personal financial literacy skills using the GoVenture Life & Money simulation game.
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and Designs

Game-Based Learning

Software Games

Software Simulations


Board Games

Card Games

Blended Games

Business Apps

Mobile Apps & Games



Metal Art

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