Getting Started

Getting started with GoVenture requires three steps:
  1. Download the software
  2. Unzip the software
  3. Copy the software to your computers or network 
Step-by-step directions are provided below.
Software License


You purchased a GoVenture Software License for a school or organization.  

See below for Software License descriptions.


View System Requirements (what you need to run GoVenture)


STEP 1:  Download Your Software


GoVenture software is provided in a package that you can download and install to computers in your school.  To download your software you must have a GOVENTURE KEY.  Visit the GoVenture Licensing website and follow the directions below:


  1. If you are a returning customer, log in to the webiste above (do not create a new account).  

  2. If this is the first time you are downloading GoVenture software, choose CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.  You will need to use your GoVenture KEY.  If you have more than one KEY, you can use any one of the KEYS you have (the others you will use later after you log in). 

    If you receive a message that the KEY has already been used, check with others in your organization to see if someone else has already used the KEY to create an account. If they have, you must have them use their login or request that they share their login with you, as we cannot provide you with another KEY for the same product. If that person is no longer with your organization, contact us to transfer the account.


  3. Once you have a login (username and password), you can visit this website at any time to download free upgrades for the software that you own, and to unlock new software that you may purchase.

  4. Log in.  

  5. You will see a DOWNLOAD LINK for the software you purchased (based on the KEY you used when you created your account). 

    If you purchased multiple GoVenture products and have multiple KEYS, click the UNLOCK button for each additional KEY you have. This will reveal DOWNLOAD LINKS for each product you purchase.


  6. You can choose to PRINT LICENSE DOCUMENT if you need printed evidence of your license.


  7. Click the DOWNLOAD LINK and choose SAVE to download the program to your computer. Some GoVenture programs are very large, so your download may go faster if you use a wired, instead of wireless, network connection.

    For security reasons, the DOWNLOAD LINK will expire within a few days. You can contact us to request that it be reactivated at any time. There is no cost.


STEP 2: Unzip the Software  


The file that is downloaded to your computer is a ZIP (Windows) or DMG (Mac) archive. This means the file is compressed and cannot be played in this format. Do not try to play or install the program yet. You must first EXTRACT the archive. 

Windows ZIP:
RIGHT CLICK the ZIP file and choose to EXTRACT ALL FILES.  This will create a new GOVENTURE FOLDER on your computer. Delete the ZIP file so that it does not cause confusion with the extracted folder.

Mac DMG:

DOUBLE-CLICK the DMG file.  This will create a new GOVENTURE FOLDER that you must drag to your desktop or other location. Delete the DMG file so that it does not cause confusion with the extracted folder.  

Repeat the steps above for each GoVenture program you want to download.


STEP 3:  Install the Software


  1. You now have everything ready and no longer need to download anything from the Internet. Internet access is NOT required to install or play GoVenture. You may now log out of the GoVenture Licensing website.

  2. You may now choose to copy or move the GOVENTURE FOLDER to a network drive, computer hard drive, USB drive, CD-ROM, or DVD.  There is no silent install option. Some GoVenture programs include an INSTALL program, but it's best NOT to use the install program because you can simply COPY the appropriate GoVenture folder to wherever you want the program to be installed. If you use the COPY approach, no registry information will be added or edited so you do not have to worry about any modifications being made to your system.

    If you are installing to a shared network drive, all of the GoVenture folders and files must have the READ ONLY property set ON.  To check this, RIGHT-CLICK the top-level GoVenture folder then click PROPERTIES and look at the ATTRIBUTES section.

    If you have licensed the GoVenture SUITE, you must NOT use the installers and you cannot run it from read-only media like a CD-ROM or DVD.  Note that your drive must allow WRITE permissions when you attemp to UNLOCK the GoVenture SUITE when prompted to enter your Subscription Key. Once you have unlocked the software, you no longer need WRITE permissions. If providing WRITE permissions is a problem, an easy workaround is to copy the GoVenture SUITE to a USB drive then run and unlock it from the USB drive.  Once unlocked, you can then copy the GoVenture SUITE from the USB drive to your desired computer drive.


  3. The GOVENTURE FOLDER contains two sub-folders:  


    • The INSTRUCTOR RESOURCES folder has materials for instructors. This folder should be made available to teachers and facilitators only (not students). Click PLAY to launch the INSTRUCTOR MENU.  Alsos inform your instructors about our Free Resources and the Instructors Forum described further below on this page.

    • The SIMULATION folder has the GoVenture simulation for STUDENTS and INSTRUCTORS. Make this folder available to your users by copying it to a shared network drive or individual computer hard drives. Create a shortcut to the PLAY file to make it easier for your users to launch the program. 

  4. Special directions:

    (a) GoVenture products that are installed on local computers or network do NOT use student accounts. Students do not have usernames and passwords. Students just click to play. With most GoVenture programs, students can SAVE their progress to a local save file -- this allows them to quit and resume playing at a later time. Students must name and manage their own SAVE files (similar to how they would manage MS Office and other such applications).

    (b) If you have the GoVenture SUITE, the first time PLAY is run, you will be prompted to enter your SUBSCRIPTION KEY.  This will activate your subscription. 

    (c) If you are using Mac OS X and receive the warning
    message shown here, be sure to check the box shown:

    (d) If you are unable to play SMALL BUSINESS because
    of the warning message shown here then navigate to
    the GoVenture subfolder shown below and right-click
    on PLAY then click OPEN:
    Simulation\PRODUCTS\GoVenture Small Business\PROGRAM\ 
    You only need to do this one time.

    (e) GoVenture POS:  To play this program, you must use the INSTALL.EXE file in order to set up the program files properly. This is described in the launcher that appears when you run PLAY. Once the installation is complete, we also recommend updating the program with a new upgrade that is available here. You may use the program without this new upgrade, but you will not be able to generate reports for the years 2016 and later. Follow these steps to upgrade:  
           (1) Go to where GoVenture POS is installed on your computer. 
           (2) Open the PROGRAM folder. 
           (3) Rename file "MAIN.DXR" to "MAIN Original.DXR" 
           (4) Click here to download the updated file named MAIN.DXR
                 and save it to the same folder as the file above.  Done!

Done!  If you need help, please contact us.




Free Resources for You


Invite all the instructors and facilitators at your school to access our many free educational resources at:


Instructors Forum


Instructors, trainers, and facilitators using GoVenture educational games and simulations are invited to join our discussion forum. Post questions and host discussions with other educators and the GoVenture design team. This is a private members-only forum for educators and trainers. It is not for students or customer support. Find out more at

Product and License Types


The Product (the “Software”) and License Type you have licensed are encoded in the GOVENTURE KEY provided to you with your purchase.  Refer to your purchase receipt for additional details.  You can print a license document from the GoVenture Licensing website.


The following descriptions detail your rights based on the License Type you have purchased:


SEAT License

This type of license grants you the right to use the Software at the same school or organization at one physical address location under either a PERPETUAL or SUBSCRIPTION License. The number of seats purchased determines how many computers may run the Software concurrently (at the same time). If the Software includes multiple programs or resources, the seat limit applies to all items collectively. For example, a 10-Seat License allows for the Software to be run on up to 10 computers at the same time. In this example, the Software may be installed on a network, or installed on more than 10 computers, but the Software (including any of its individual programs or resources) may not be run on more than 10 computers concurrently. Individual Seats cannot be shared among different schools or organizations.


SITE License

This type of license grants you the right to use the Software on all your school's or organization's computers at one physical address location under either a PERPETUAL or SUBSCRIPTION License. There are no limits on how many computers may run the Software concurrently (at the same time) — as long as they are on the same site (one physical address location). A SITE License cannot be shared among different schools or organizations.



This type of license grants you the right to use the Software at the same school or organization at one physical address location in perpetuity (forever).


GoVenture SUITE

This type of license grants you the right to use the Software at the same school or organization at one physical address location for a limited period of time ("Subscription Period"). The Subscription Period starts on the date you use your GOVENTURE KEY to gain access to download the Software. The Subscription Period ends (expires) on the date on which your purchased Subscription duration has passed. Your subscription must be renewed prior to expiration in order for you to continue to use the Software. If you do not renew your Subscription, your school’s or organization’s right to use the Software and resources included with the Subscription shall cease as of the expiration date. You agree to promptly stop using, uninstall, and destroy the Software and related materials included with the Subscription, and to promptly notify MediaSpark in writing that all of these actions have been taken. Failure to do all of these actions no later than 2 weeks after the expiration date will result in the automatic renewal of your Subscription. You may choose not to renew your Subscription once your prepaid or preordered Subscription period has expired, but activated Subscriptions cannot be cancelled for full or partial refund.




This is not a Software License.  The descriptions are above are included for convenience only.  You can print an official Software License document from the GoVenture Licensing website.  


Find out more about GoVenture at