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Why is it that my children know more about combat and sports than they do about business and life skills?

Simple — it's the games they play. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can help them gain important life skills while having fun, with GoVenture!


Similar to popular video games, GoVenture educational games are visual, interactive, and exciting. They are also designed to deliver a sound educational experience. By using GoVenture, your children can quickly gain many of the important skills that are needed for success in life.




Special Homeschool Offer

Over 1 million people have used GoVenture educational games in thousands of schools around the world.  

Now, you can use them at home for only $49!

Health, Wellness, & Biology


Learn about health, wellness, and biology with hundreds of fun games and activities using the GoVenture Health ebook! Each of the 288 topics includes an easy-to-read text description presented in beautiful photobook style. Aligned with the National Health Education Standards. For ages 9 to adult and perfect for learners who struggle with conventional textbooks. Find out more about this product



Teach the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurial independence with this fun and educational business simulation Will your child be the next big success in the Shark Tank or on Wall Street?  Unlock the American dream for your child with GoVenture Micro Business!  For ages 9 to adult. Also includes hundreds of pages of printable content and lessons.

Find out more about this product

Purchase either of the products above for $49 or both for only $79!



Products are provided as software that you can DOWNLOAD and then INSTALL on your WINDOWS or MACINTOSH computer. Internet is required to download but is not required to play. 


  • You are purchasing a PERPETUAL license. You can continue to use the program(s) forever with no yearly fees and no additional cost. Prices are in US dollars.

  • This offer is only available for HOMESCHOOLS in the USA for a limited time.

  • Products are not designed to not run on iPads, iPhones, or Android devices. You must use a Windows or Apple Mac computer.

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