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GoVenture LANGUAGEme is the SUPER-FAST way to learn and speak a new language.

Perfect for travel, business, or fun. No grammar or sentences to slow you down. Just pictures, words, and sounds that help you learn quickly.

Take it with you to learn, practice, and communicate. Elegantly designed and highly-customizable to be easy, fun, and educational for adults and children.


Feature Summary 
  • Over 350 of the most useful words to know. The first 60 words are free!

  • Each word includes a photo and spelling in lowercase, uppercase, and cursive text.

  • 3 modes: Learn, Test, and Talk.

  • Highly-customizable game for testing your knowledge.

  • Join words together to build your own phrases.

  • Records scores for different people using the app.

  • Topics include Numbers, Letters, Colours, Shapes, Greetings & Manners, Travel, Money, Body, Family, Person, Household, Food, Hygiene, Medical, Safety, Communication, Entertainment, Directions, Time, Weather, and Emotions.

  • Expertly designed by MediaSpark: We create experiential, social, and gamified learning!

  • NO advertising and NO personal information is ever transmitted.

Feature Details



Review words. Each word includes a picture and spelling in lowercase, uppercase, and cursive text. Tap buttons to move forward or backward, or use the timer to automatically advance. Disable a word to remove it from testing and scoring.



Review your ability to match words by sound, picture, or text. Customize the test to focus on what you need to practice by showing or hiding sounds, picture, and text. Scoring is automated. Use the SCORE MYSELF feature to test your ability to correctly sound out a word.


Build phrases by connecting individual words together. Let GoVenture do the talking for you.


Record scores for different people.


Focus on words you need to practice. The filter hides word topics that do not meet the filter score criteria.

Spanish Español
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