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User Guide


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1. Navigation

All items that are the color orange are clickable.

2. Subjects

SUBJECTS are organized under SUBJECTS GROUPS. Click a SUBJECT GROUP to view its Subjects. Each subject consists of multiple PAGES. Each PAGE is one scrollable page in the photobook.

Each PAGE ends with a short QUIZ. Complete the QUIZ correctly to earn a gold coin.

GAMES appear at the end of each SUBJECT. There are many different types of games.

5. Rewards

  • A GOLD coin is awarded after successfully completing a QUIZ.

  • POINTS are awarded as QUIZZES and GAMES are completed. You can replay a GAME or incomplete QUIZ to improve your score (only your highest score is saved).

  • ACHIEVEMENTS are awarded for various milestones.

  • YOUR BODY items become unlocked as you earn points and gold coins.

  • Your personal high scores for each game are recorded.

6. Performance

View the Performance Report for details on your progress.

7. Saving and Resuming Progress

Click the SAVE button to save your progress. You can resume your progress at any time.

1. Navigation
2. Subjects
3. Quiz
4. Games
5. Rewards
6. Performance
7. Saving
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